FJELDSTED & BLÖNDAL | Einar Brynjarsson, Attorney at law
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Einar Brynjarsson

Name Einar Brynjarsson, Associate
Education University of Iceland, Mag. Jur., 2014

The Commercial College of Iceland, 2009

Field of expertise European law, insolvency law, contract law
Carreer Fjeldsted & Blondal Legal Services since 2015

The Ministry of the Interior, 2015

LBI hf., 2012-2015

Einar Brynjarsson graduated from the University of Iceland in 2014 where he was an assistant teacher in European law and an assistant in the making of the Law Faculty’s report to the Icelandic parliament on the European Union in 2013. Einar has been with Fjeldsted & Blöndal Legal Services since 2015.