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Fjeldsted & Blöndal offers a wide range of legal services relating to Icelandic and international business operations. The legal experts at Fjeldsted & Blöndal have as their objective to provide quality legal services to enterprises and organisations and to serve clients in an assured, effective and efficient manner. While our services are primarily tailored to the needs of enterprises and organisations, we also provide services to individuals in our areas of expertise. The legal staff at Fjeldsted & Blöndal includes attorneys with extensive experience of legal work and services to enterprises and organisations both in Iceland and abroad. Members of our staff also possess experience and knowledge as teachers and scholars at the academic level and as in-house lawyers in the service of international companies. The focus at Fjeldsted & Blöndal is on serving our clients in a prompt and effective manner and on seeking efficient solutions to the tasks we are assigned at any time. Our clients can be confident that Fjeldsted & Blöndal will serve their interests as assuredly and effectively as possible. The flexibility and efficiency of our staff permits us to provide our clients with quality service at reasonable rates.



The firm was established in 1909 by Mr. Lárus Fjeldsted and located at Lækjargata 2 in Reykjavik. The firm is one of the first law firms to be opened in Iceland and the operation has developed with the vast changes in Icelandic community during this time. From the beginning its advocates have provided legal services at the highest levels. In the excess of 100 years of practice the groundwork has been established for continued quality services for years to come. Fjeldsted & Blöndal has the goal of providing quality legal services to enterprises and organisations and serving clients in an assured, effective and efficient manner.